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State of Craft Beer is a coffee table book about the craft beer industry. Again, it's a book about beer, the hard working people in our community who make it, and you can drink the fruits of their labor while you read it (or flip through 272 pages of photos). We're not sure why anyone would have bad things to say about a book like this. But if someone does, we'll be sure to add it here (way at the bottom). In the meantime, here are some nice things being said about it.


Bill Siel of Kenosha News found State of Craft Beer in the taproom of his local brewery. He reached out to us to learn more about the story behind it, but the book's author and photographer, Matthew Janzen was still driving around the state distributing copies to other brewery taprooms. When they finally found time to connect, Bill wrote one of the first book reviews we ever received. This is our favorite quote, but you can read the full article here →

Whatever shape or form craft brewing takes a few decades into the future, Janzen’s book documents how it looks and feels right now.
— Bill Siel, Kenosha News

Using big pictures and short summaries, I will teach my offspring all the inner workings of the beer industry, and we’ll talk about Wisconsin as some sort of promised land where we’ll travel one day to join the Resistance
— Keith Gribbins, Craft Brewing Business

Be forewarned, this book review starts as follows, "Once I become an old cynical drifter of the wasteland..." Should you ever acclimate to Keith's apocalyptic style, you will understand why he might consider State of Craft Beer to be one of his favorite books of these undead days. So if you're ready for the full review — and prepared to scroll past some even more delicious beer reviews — go ahead and click here→


Doug Moe is a veteran journalist who also finds time to write book reviews for Mystery to Me (an independent bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin). Matthew Janzen sat down with Doug, a panel of other experts, and a lively crowd at Mystery to Me to discuss the current state of Wisconsin's craft beer industry. This quote was pulled from a lead-up to the event. Read it here→

That this was a labor of love is evident on every page, and altogether fitting, because it’s also clear that brewing quality beer is a passion for the book’s subjects.
— Doug Moe, Journalist

‘State of Craft Beer’ is a 272-page doppelbock of a coffee table book that’s impressive both in- and outside its handsome leather cover.
— Chris Drosner, Wisconsin State Journal

Chris Drosner, otherwise known as the "Beer Baron," normally writes for the Wisconsin State Journal about beer and the people who produce it. In still familiar territory, he turns his focus on pictures, and his words on tomes. Read more→


We'd provide you with a link to this bitter, horrible review, but there isn't one.

Bad stuff being said about this beer book.
— Nobody, Yet